balance deficit 2

The history of the PoNS™ device began 20 years ago, when Biomedical Engineer Mitchell Tyler developed a balance deficiency in the year 2000 due to an ear infection. Realizing the debilitation associated with a lack of balance, Tyler experienced the limited independence so many live with on a daily basis.

At the time, Tyler worked in a lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with Electrical Engineer Kurt Kaczmarek and Neuroscientist Yuri Danilov. He and his peers, joined by many others along the way, began their venture to invent a device that would address and improve balance deficiency. Prior to the PoNS™, an early version of the device evolved into a federally supported research project.

balance deficit 2
balance deficit 2

In 2008, the team’s research led to the PoNS™ device which, when combined with targeted rehabilitative exercises, led to more significant improvements in patients’ balance deficits in clinical trials. Due to its success, the team fused research with business and partnered with Helius Medical Technologies in 2014. Through this partnership, the PoNS™ device was born and commercial access became the goal.

After authorization in Canada and over 30 active clinic locations, Tyler’s dreams are coming true.

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