2020 is likely to be the year that no one will ever forget—for many different reasons. The news was a never ending stream of ups and downs while the whole world battled a global pandemic that affected every aspect of society. Despite the negativity and oddities of 2020, there are still a copious number of positive events to look back on and appreciate.

As we come to the end of 2020 and look towards a new year, we’re taking time to stop and appreciate some of the most hopeful, inspiring and exciting PoNS TreatmentTM memories of this past year. Thank you to all of our clients, clinic partners, and readers for a wonderful year of innovation and success stories. Here’s to a very happy 2021!

Starting Strong

January 2020 started with a bang, as the PoNSTM device was recognized by the Brain Mapping Foundation (BMF) and Society for Brain Mapping & Therapeutics (SBMT) for their Pioneer Technology Development Award. This astounding accomplishment marked the PoNSTM device as a trailblazing technology, designed as a pioneering and lifesaving invention.

This is a major highlight for Helius Medical Technologies and makes us proud to innovate technology that has an unparalleled impact on brain healthcare treatment and delivery.

MS Advancements in March

March marked a major milestone for PoNSTM Treatment, as Helius Medical Technologies expanded services to help patients with mild and moderate symptoms of MS manage and improve their walking ability, also known as gait deficit.

We are extremely proud to be able to provide PoNSTM Treatment for the 77,000 Canadians currently living with MS. With greater access to this technology, our goal is to not only improve MS-related gait deficits, but also provide renewed hope and resilience to those who may have experienced a plateau with other treatment methods. 

We also could not go far into 2020 without highlighting the devoted trainers who continuously work with concussion and MS patients to improve their symptoms and quality of life.

In late January, we outlined the dedicated work of Dr. Ryan Scott with Advantage4Athletes, who has been supporting MS and concussion patients for over 10 years. With the help of the PoNSTM device, Dr. Scott is able to improve patients’ symptoms through plateaus, enabling them to reach new abilities in their physical recovery. As Dr. Scott explains, “The nice thing about PoNS is it takes us to a place we couldn’t go before.”   

Watch the full interview with Dr. Scott.

#HopeAtHome for COVID-19

By April 2020, Canadians found themselves staying home way more than they might have imagined earlier in the year. With COVID-19 leading to strict stay-at-home measures in the spring of 2020, Helius Medical Technologies chose to focus on #HopeAtHome, sharing stories of resilience, joy, and beauty from many members of the PoNSTM Community!

 Through stories of gardening success, canine wine delivery services and Canadian community support, #HopeAtHome helped us all feel a little more connected at a time when we had to stay distanced.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their stories of #HopeAtHome and we ask you continue to send some #HopeAtHome by sharing your favourite memories of 2020 on our Facebook page.

MS Awareness Month

May marks MS Awareness Month and we celebrated by sharing PoNSTM patient Elaine’s incredible story of strength and resilience. Diagnosed with MS at age 27, Elaine is a fighter who vowed to not let her diagnosis change how she lived her life.

As soon as her MS started to affect her walking ability, Elaine sought out PoNS TreatmentTM. Her gait has since improved:

“My goals are more focused. It will always be a work in progress, since MS is a progressive disease, but I now feel more confident moving through life.” 

Interested in learning more about Elaine’s story? Click here for the full article.1

We continued to share the stories of former clients ahead of MS Awareness Day on May 30th, 2020.

Specifically, we highlighted the story of Jayne Barker, who shared her story with CTV Vancouver. Through PoNSTM Treatment, Jayne explains that she has regained not only her gait, but her feelings of safety when walking and is once more able to navigate the world with ease.2

What is PoNSTM?

June was a big month, not just for Helius Medical Technologies, but also for a former PoNSTM patient.

Beth Foster joined us as we co-hosted a webinar to highlight the PoNSTM device and how it can treat chronic balance deficits in mild-to-moderate TBI patients. During this webinar, Beth shared her incredible story of regaining her balance and quality of life after her 14-week treatment program with PoNSTM.

As we look ahead to 2021, we can't wait to host more webinars focused on educating all Canadians about the potential of PoNS TreatmentTM to aid balance deficits due to their mild-to-moderate TBI.

Exploring the #PassionBehindPoNS

In 2020, we shared a variety of amazing #PassionBehindPoNS stories, showcasing how our certified PoNSTM trainers are changing the lives of patients across Canada. The #PassionBehindPoNS series highlighted the stories of clinic directors and PoNSTM trainers, sharing their experiences with the PoNSTM treatment, why they chose to work in this field and how the PoNSTM device is drastically improving their patients’ lives. 

In August, PoNSTM trainer Leah Albert shared her #PassionBehindPoNS and how it developed from watching her client progress physically and emotionally over the 14 weeks of treatment.

Check out Leah’s full story, as well as all of the other #PassionBehindPoNS blog posts.

Experiencing #InsidePoNS

Some of the most common questions we receive from the PoNS™ Community are related to the types of exercises one might do during their PoNS™ treatment. To shed some light, we focused on sharing the stories #InsidePoNS, to demonstrate the many balance and gait exercises used by our PoNS™ trainers across the country.  

Including “The Heel Rocker” and “Squat and Lunge,” our PoNS™ trainers took the time to outline and demonstrate some of the most popular exercises one might experience during their 14-week  PoNS Treatment™. Going in detail, each post features not only how the exercise is completed, but the science behind how they are working to improve balance and gait deficits.

Want to view some of these instructive videos? Search through our Facebook page, using the hashtag #InsidePoNS.

October also brought us Elizabeth’s incredible patient story and her road to recovery with PoNS™ after a traumatic car accident.

As a result of a TBI, Elizabeth had little hope of returning to her career as a paramedic, until she started PoNS Treatment™. Now having completed her 14-week treatment, Elizabeth’s balance has improved drastically and she is looking towards restarting her passion for saving lives.

You can check out Elizabeth’s full story on Global News!3

Ending the Year on a High Note

Finishing off 2020, we were honoured to be included in the successful MS Connect Conference, hosted by the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada.

It was amazing connecting with the MS Community across Canada and we look forward to the opportunity to do it again in 2021.

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1Disclaimer: The PoNS™ device is intended for use as a short term treatment (14 weeks) of gait deficit due to mild and moderate symptoms from MS and is to be used in conjunction with physical therapy.

2Disclaimers: PoNS™ is an authorized medical device and commercially available in Canada. PoNS™ is not commercially available in the US, EU, or Australia.

The device is intended for use as a short term treatment (14 weeks) of chronic balance deficit due to mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury and is to be used in conjunction with physical therapy. The device is intended for use as a short term treatment (14 weeks) of gait deficit due to mild and moderate symptoms from MS and is to be used in conjunction with physical therapy.

Jayne was the first MS patient to receive PoNS Treatment™ in British Columbia; however, she was not the first Canada-wide.

3Disclaimer: PoNS is intended for use as a short term treatment (14 weeks) of chronic balance deficit due to mmTBI as well as gait deficit due to mild to moderate symptoms from MS, and is to be used in conjunction with physical therapy. Intended for Canada only.