MS Awareness Month is here and across Canada, tens of thousands of individuals from all ages and backgrounds will be collectively participating in the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada’s annual MS Walk. While we are unable to gather in one location due to current COVID-19 guidelines, participants from every province and territory are encouraged to donate and walk in support of MS awareness, innovation and research on May 30th, 2021.

In recognition of this incredible annual event, we asked Helius Medical Technologies’ very own Territory Managers, Maureen and Brooke, why they walk for MS Awareness Month.

  1. In support of ongoing research and innovation

    Through pledges and donations, both virtual and in-person participants of the MS Walk are helping to support ongoing vital research and innovation for MS treatments and diagnostic technology.

    Both Brooke and Maureen recognize the impact innovation can have in the lives of those with MS and will continue to walk in support of raising awareness and monetary contributions for critical MS breakthroughs. Working as a community, we can all help researchers discover the treatments and screening practices necessary to improve the lives and futures of those with MS.

  2. In support of greater awareness amongst the general public

    In the shared goal of walking in support of MS research and innovation, Maureen points out that such a large movement is necessary in garnering support for those living with or caring for loved ones with MS across Canada.

    Rallying together, we can all make a difference and create a greater understanding of the daily struggles, experiences and necessary societal changes required to ensure Canadians with MS are supported as best as possible.

    “I share the goal of helping people and seeing unmet needs in the lives and futures of people living with MS in Canada. I will do whatever I can to support, whether that be through my work or walking to raise awareness and money in support of a better future for Canadians with MS.” - Maureen  

  3. In support of resilience and strength

    Events with extensive reach and scale such as the MS Walk have a significant impact on those with MS. It indicates that we all stand together as a community in support of greater funding for MS research and finding new treatments. It is a collective act of recognition and advocacy that can have a major impact on the morale of those with MS.

    Brooke highlights how the MS Walk and MS Awareness Month in general demonstrates the Canadian commitment to supporting the future of those with MS. Ultimately, this collective support can help bring greater awareness to the daily difficulties faced by those with MS and initiate programs to reduce these barriers.

    “I walk for MS to join and support the MS community, as well as rally together with individuals and caregivers that live with MS. Creating a brighter and more supportive future for individuals with MS is a goal I believe we can all get behind!” - Brooke  

  4. In support of greater education

    For those who do not have personal experience with MS, it can be difficult to understand who is impacted by MS and the effects it has on one’s overall well-being.

    Working together throughout MS Awareness Month and beyond, we can spread the word about MS, why we need to advocate for greater research and community resources and how all Canadians can get involved.

    Both Maureen and Brooke have seen firsthand how effective treatment can impact the lives of those with MS. Advocating for MS awareness within our communities ensures we can all instill small changes each and every day in support of a brighter future for hundreds of thousands of Canadians living with MS.

If you are interested in getting involved with this year’s MS Walk, you can sign up here to join the walk or donate to the MS Society of Canada in support of a participant or the MS Walk as a whole.

If you are looking for more support, information and ways to get involved with MS awareness, check out our MS Community Resource pages and contact your nearest clinic to see if PoNS Treatment™ is right for you.

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