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You are not alone. Many people have already gone through the same recovery journey after a traumatic brain injury (including concussion or post-concussive syndrome). There are many provincial and local support groups available to help. Reach out to a local group near you.


Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured (ARBI)

https://www.arbi.ca/ home/ programs-services/

Brain Care Centre

Support Groups

https://www.braincarecentre.com/ services/ client-services/

Parkland Head Injury Association (PHIA)


Southern Alberta Brain Injury Society (SABIS)

Adult Support Groups

https://sabis.ab.ca/ programs-services/ #adult_support_groups

British Columbia

Brain Resource, Advocacy & Information Network (B.R.A.I.N©)

https://www.facebook.com/ brainresource advocacy informationnetwork/

BrainTrust Canada

Group Programs

https://braintrustcanada.com/ services/ support/

Bulkley Valley Brain Injury Association

Individual and Group Support

http://bvbia.ca/index.php/ our-services /client-service/

Campbell River Head Injury Support Services

Making Headway

http://www.crhead.ca/ monthly-programs.html

Chinese Brain Injury Support Group

https://www.brainstreams.ca/ resources/ support-groups/ burnaby-chinese-brain-injury-support-group/

Comox Valley Head Injury Society (CVHIS)

Brain Injury Survivor’s Peer Support Group

https://www.cvhis.org/ programs/ #Survivor

Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association (FVBIA)

Drop-in/Leisure Programs

https://www.fvbia.org/ services-and-support/ our-programs/

Kamloops Brain Injury Association (KBIA)

Peer Support Drop In

https://www.kbia.ca/ groups

North Okanagan Shuswap Brain Injury Society (NOSBIS)

Support Groups

https://nosbis.ca/programs/ #1555095645790-242dff99-13fb

Northern Brain Injury Association Support Groups (NBIA)

Brain Injury Support Group Meetings

http://nbia.ca/ brain-injury-support-groups/

Powell River Brain Injury Society


Prince George Brain Injured Group Society (PGBIG)

Support Groups

http://pgbig.ca/ support-groups/

Semiahmoo House Society

Acquired Brain Injury Services

https://www.semi-house-society.com/ abi/

Vancouver Brain Injury Association (VBIA)

Support Groups

https://vbia.ca/services/ support-groups/

Vancouver Parents with ABI Support Group

https://www.brainstreams.ca/ resources/ support-groups/ parents-with-abi-support-group/

Victoria Brain Injury Society (VBIS)

Peer Support

https://www.vbis.ca/ peer-support

Manitoba Manitoba Brain Injury (MBI)

Support Groups

https://www.mbia.ca/ how-we-help/support/

New Brunswick Various Groups

https://www.braininjurycanada.ca/ abi-associations/ new-brunswick/

Newfoundland & Labrador Various Groups

https://www.braininjurycanada.ca/ abi-associations/ newfoundland/

Nova Scotia Brain Injury Association of Nova Scotia


Ontario Community Head Injury Resources Services (CHIRS)


Ontario Brain Injury Association (OBIA)

Peer Support Program


Toronto Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Network

Specializated Support and Therapy Groups

http://abinetwork.ca/ uploads/ Image/ Support_Groups_Master.pdf

Prince Edward Island Brain Injury Association of Prince Edward Island


Quebec Traumatisme Crânien Québec


Saskatchewan Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Partnership Project

Local Support Groups

https://www.abipartnership.sk.ca/ html/ abi-survivors-and-families/ Local_Support_Groups/index.cfm