As we move into 2020, we look back on our journey through the past year. From treating our first in-clinic patient to being named the recipient of the Pioneer in Technology Development Award from the World Brain Mapping Society, we have made PoNS Treatment™ more accessible for those suffering from traumatic brain injuries.

Providing greater access to our innovative treatment options has resulted in significant progress and recovery for PoNS Treatment™ patients - most of whom believed they were out of options. Trailblazers in the treatment of balance and gait issues in Canada, we are committed to ensuring our patients experience a successful road to recovery. We can’t wait to see what this new decade will bring for our Authorized PoNS Treatment™ clinics and their clients!

Here are the top 5 PoNS Treatment™ Highlights from 2019:

1. We treated our first patient

On March 5th, 2019, we treated our first PoNS Treatment™ patients at Neurotherapy Montreal in Québec, using our Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator (PoNS™) device. Certified PoNS™ Trainers led patients through the 14-week Treatment, in which the PoNS™ device was used in conjunction with therapeutic activities to encourage neuroplastic healing.

2. We opened a total of five clinics across five provinces

In January 2019, Neurotherapy Montreal was the sole Authorized PoNS Treatment™ clinic in Canada. Through the rest of 2019, we partnered with five additional clinics spanning across the country. As of December 2019, the clinics include: ● Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic in Surrey, British Columbia ● Advantage4Athletes in Markham, Ontario ● Clinique Cortex in Québec City, Québec (satellite clinic) ● Synaptic Spinal Cord Injury and Neuro Rehabilitation Centre in Calgary, Alberta ● Apollo Physical Therapy Centres in Ottawa, Ontario

We have already added several new clinics across the country in 2020. Like us on Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up-to-date as we introduce these new clinics!

3. Our PoNS™ patients inspired and amazed us!

Throughout 2019, we followed the journeys of a few of our PoNS Treatment™ patients. For the three-to-six months following a high-speed motor vehicle accident, John Horowitz started noticing gradual symptoms of a mild or moderate traumatic brain injury (mmTBI). As his balance deficit became progressively worse, John started PoNS Treatment™ with the Neurotherapy Montreal team.

Upon completing the program, John said, “I feel like the program has been a gift … I feel normal in almost every way.”

Stéphanie Fortier contacted Neurotherapy Montreal for her ongoing balance and gait issues due to a concussion. Stephanie would lose her balance just trying to tie

her shoes. Since PoNS Treatment™, she has regained confidence in her balance and in herself.

Beth Foster’s life changed after she was rear-ended in her car, resulting in a concussion. Five years post-accident, as a result of her balance and gait issues, she could not garden, attend events or drive on her own. Dr. Ryan Scott at Advantage4Athletes motivated Beth through PoNS Treatment™, challenging her a bit more each day. Beth returned to gardening this past autumn. She’s cooking, driving and attending concerts with her husband.

She says, “With this PoNS Treatment™, I’m moving ahead. There’s nothing that’s going to stop me.”

View the video testimonies of John, Stéphanie and Beth (link)

4. A published study of the PoNS Treatment™ showed positive results

A 26-week randomized trial outlined the benefits of PoNS Treatment™. After participating in PoNS Treatment™, approximately 74% of study participants experienced significant improvement in their balance1 and showed meaningful improvements in their gait and walking endurance2. Not only were these improvements evident, the outcomes were sustained for 12 weeks after discontinuing treatment.

5. Helius was selected as the recipient of the Pioneer Technology Development Award

In December of 2019, the team at Helius Medical Technologies was informed that the company would receive the prestigious Pioneer Technology Development Award. Presented by The Brain Mapping Foundation and Society for Brain Mapping Therapeutics, the award is given to companies and their CEOs/Presidents who have facilitated the development of pioneering technologies. Through interdisciplinary approaches, the beneficiary must have impacted diagnostics, treatment and healthcare delivery in unprecedented ways. Helius Medical Technologies was recognized for its development of the Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator (PoNS™) device, which was named a trailblazing technology.

What’s Next?

With many great accomplishments in 2019, we are excited to have moved into 2020 at full speed. As of January 1st, 2020, we introduced P3 Health Clinic as our seventh clinic in operation. Additionally, our newly formed partnership with University Health Network (UHN) offers three independent neurorehabilitation clinics an opportunity to participate in a clinical experience program featuring PoNS Treatment™. The program gives UHN the opportunity to gain experience with the PoNS™ device and provide further insight as to how the technology can fit into clinical practice effectively. Together, Helius, UHN and its partnering clinics can build a strong network of medical institutions offering innovative technologies in Canada.

How do I get started?

Head to our website for the list of Authorized PoNS Treatment™ Clinics to book a free consultation with the clinic nearest you.

Interested in partnering with us? Contact us for more information on how your clinic can offer PoNS Treatment™. To keep up to date on upcoming PoNS Treatment™ announcements, subscribe to our newsletter.

References: 1. Helius Medical Technologies. Data on File. 2019 Post Hoc Analysis – Long Term Treatment Trial – Responder rate – Pharma Data Associates 2. Tyler M, et al. Arch Res Rehabil Clin Transl. 2019; 1(3-4):10026.