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  • Beth Foster shares her story about PoNS Treatment™

  • Stéphanie Fortier Grondin shares her story about PoNS Treatment™

  • John Horowitz, a PoNS Treatment™ patient, shares his experience with PoNS™

  • Improvement in My Balance and Gait

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    I had suffered multiple mild and moderate traumatic brain injuries due to soccer and falls. In addition to my chronic post-concussion symptoms, I had chronic balance and gait issues that interfered with my ability to play sports, work and attend school. After having tried several treatments in the past, I came to Neurotherapy Montreal hoping the PoNS Treatment™ could help me recover and return to work. After completing the PoNS Treatment™ I have experienced improvement in my balance and gait. While I may never be back as I was before my injuries, my improvements have helped me to assume a new sense of normalcy.
    – S.F.
  • Dedication and Hard Work to Reap the Rewards

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    Because of better balance, I had a willingness to socialize again. I was not only able to return to work, but I applied for and received a new job in a leadership role. I was also able to return to more vigorous exercise because my fear of injury as a result of my TBI symptoms lessened. My other comment is that the PoNS™ device is not magic. It is accompanied by a demanding and structured program administered by professionals in this field. Like anything else in life, it requires dedication and hard work to reap the rewards of this scientific marvel for those with TBI. – A.P. 
  • Returning to Activities of Independence

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    As my balance improved, the activities that I’ve been able to return to include various activities of independence, driving, riding a bike, conversing when more than one thing in a room is going on. I engage socially in conversation, sing with a group, catch a ball, dance, walk easily on uneven ground, hike, eat in a restaurant, attend a concert, speak in public, participate in roundtable discussions, shop with minimal or with no dizziness and nausea. – K.W.