What is PoNSTM?

The PoNS™ (short for Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator) is an innovative medical device, inclusive of a controller and mouthpiece, which delivers mild electrical stimulation to the surface of the tongue.

How Does PoNSTM Work?

The neural network originating in the tongue produces the neural cascade, which flows to the brainstem located in the body’s control center. The tongue’s dense nerve endings make it ideal for stimulation. A compromise to the brain’s neural network reduces its ability to effectively communicate with the body. To restore lost function, the brain’s neural network needs to be “rewired”, as this reestablishes the proper flow of neural impulses to the body. This “rewiring” is called neuroplasticity.

The PoNS™ device gently stimulates the surface of the tongue, exciting the neural network flowing to the brain. This neural activity is believed to enable neuroplasticity, which may restore lost function.


Tongue Stimulation Cascade


PoNS Device Page Tongue Stimiulation Cascade 2048x1190


1. Tongue Stimulation
  • Receives electrical stimulation to the surface of the tongue
2. Cranial Nerves
  • Cranial Nerve V (or trigeminal nerve) – detects sensation in the face and responsible for biting and chewing
  • Cranial Nerve VII (or facial nerve) – detects taste sensations and controls facial expression
3. Brain and brain stem
  • Communicates and controls posture and balance (also known as the pons Varolii and cerebellum)
4. Neuroplasticity
  • Neuroplasticity may occur as a result of the targeted therapeutic activities and the stimulation from the PoNS™ device