Clinician Moments

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Juliet Grundmanis Shares Her Experience Treating MS

“Many of the MS clients I have treated with the PoNS™ device report improvements in function they had not been able to achieve with physical therapy alone. It has been a privilege to witness the amazing efforts put into this program by our clients, and then in turn the impressive outcomes! While not true for every single case, many clients with MS have found the PoNS™ to be the missing link that helps them to see results from their dedicated rehabilitation regimen.”

Juliet Grundmanis, Registered Physiotherapist, Certified PoNS™ Trainer & Vestibular Therapist, Surrey Neuroplasticity Clinic

Dr. Scott Talks About Patient Progress Due to PoNS Treatment™

“After learning about the potential benefits of PoNS Treatment™, I worked to make it available here in Ontario. We have been working with patients for almost a year now and the results speak for themselves. Our patients are dedicated and driven, and our coaching combined with the PoNS™ device have led to improvements in their balance and gait. Many of our patients are seeing a return to activities they once thought gone forever, and we will continue to work to help get them there.”

Dr. Ryan Scott, Chiropractor, Certified PoNS™ Trainer, A4A Therapy Clinic, Inc.

Dr. Scott speaks about PoNS Treatment™

Laura Barreto, Certified PoNS™ Trainer, speaks about PoNS Treatment™

Marcos Rodrigues, Certified PoNS™ Trainer, shares some of his experience with PoNS™

Melissa Medeiros, Occupational Therapist, talks about her PoNS treatment™ experience

Kim Skinner, lead physiotherapist in the clinical trials talks about her patients

As the lead physiotherapist involved in the clinical trials, I saw firsthand some of the most impactful and meaningful changes that participants experienced. As a result of improvements in their balance and gait, many were able to perform independent self-care tasks such as dressing, showering, walking up and down the driveway, and going grocery shopping. Kim Skinner, PT, DPT, Director of Physical Therapy, Helius Medical Technologies

Tori Etheridge, PoNS Treatment™ Specialist, shares her story

Sonia Brodie talks about PoNS™ patient experiences